Thursday, July 15, 2010

So you want the easy way in to The Wharton School?

There’s no catch. Its just plain and simple advice that no one will give you until its probably too late. In fact, the chances of someone guiding you through the process unless you have a godfather or family member that holds your hand through the whole thing are slim to none. This is the real world and you only get one chance for most things…like getting your foot in the door at the best schools, the best jobs…and then moving up! This advice for a mere $3. Imagine all the money that you will be spending to apply to umpteen schools, such as “safety schools”, for example. So unless you want to learn it the hard way and also decrease your chances of getting to where you want to go, do yourself a favor and buy my advice to get into The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (undergraduate program). The $3 that you will spend on this guide full of advice and strategies will take you a long way. Just pretend that you are sacrificing ONLY a scoop of your favorite ice cream this summer by investing that $3 in this.

Click on the "DONATE" button to the right of this, and I will send you the manual once I receive your funds. I will be uploading a digital copy of the manual shortly, but I will definitely send it to you once I get your donation until then--THIS ISN'T A SCAM.